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$275- $25 off with coupon code ACTS24 before 2/1/2024


Four Friday mornings VIA ZOOM

3/1/2024, 3/15/2024, 3/29/2024, and 4/12/2024

8 am to 11:15 am each day with one 15-minute break


Reinvigorate Our Lives

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an evidence-based, pragmatic form of psychotherapy that integrates mindfulness and behavioral change to increase clients' psychological flexibility.


Psychological flexibility can be in described as the ability to engage in values-based, positive behaviors while accepting the experience of difficult thoughts, emotions, or sensations.

When you think about it, ACT is also just a practical set of guidelines for improving all people's lives and making the, more satisfying. In this way, it can be used as a workshop for anyone, not just the people we call clients. And, for that matter, doing ACT can also really improve the lives of us therapists. I have seen many therapists transform their own lives doing this work. 

This virtual live course focuses on experientially learning the components and foundational skills of ACT with a focus on helping adults and adolescents from diverse populations and a variety of life problems organize their lives around what matters to them, rather than avoidance of unwanted emotions, thoughts, and body sensations.


Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize this method appropriately and effectively with diverse client populations and problems.

Please note that ACT is a very broad and deep model of therapy. Students will learn much of the foundational aspects of ACT through the required learning. Class time is intended to focus largely on the approach and delivery of ACT material, which is critical to the effective use of ACT with clients.

Our next training is fully virtual: 


Four Friday mornings

3/1/2024, 3/15/2024, 3/29/2024, and 4/12/2024

8 am to 11:15 am each day with one 15-minute break



Hear From Our Trainees

“This professor did an excellent job of teaching a complex subject clearly. This was my first training ever and it made me want to continue taking trainings throughout my career. It was I was grateful to have this experience. 10/10 excellent training, can't wait to learn more act”

Former Student

“Facilitator was great! Knowledgeable and I am really walking away from this training confident in applying aspects to my work with clients.”

Former Student

“I found this workshop incredibly helpful, engaging, and motivating. I am so grateful for this experience. The instructor's openness and genuineness made me feel comfortable and engaged and excited to grow myself (thank you!!). I could not wait to come back the second day. This workshop exceeded my expectations, got me excited about being a counselor again, and I may even say changed my life. Cannot say enough about this instructor's ability to teach, engaged, and help us grow amazing!! Thank you”

Former Student

“Great presenter! Very meaningful and thought-provoking presentation and discussions! I hope there are more topics by this presenter!.”

Former Student


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