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turbocharge your therapy work

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20 hours of lecture & presentations

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20 hours of guided clinical practice with fellow students

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10 hours of consultation on your clinical work


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Present an overview of the history of EMDR

2. Describe the AIP model, the 8 phases of EMDR, & underlying mechanisms of EMDR Therapy

3. Be able to prepare clients for EMDR therapy

4. Discuss clinical applications of EMDR Therapy and have the ability to integrate EMDR into clinical practice

5. Demonstrate competence in implementing & integrating EMDR Therapy with fidelity to the method of EMDR

6. Integrate EMDR Therapy into a comprehensive intervention plan using the AIP model to guide the development of a case conceptualization & treatment plan


Dates of the next training:

*1.19 (required orientation)

**2.22 & 2.23 | **3.21 & 3.22

**4.25 & 4.26 |  **5.23 & 5.24 


*8A - 11A  | ** 8A - 3P

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic: training will be virtual for the health & safety of everyone




| for more info: contact Marcy Brimo, LCSW-R at 716 912 9360 |

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Our EMDR Basic Training is equivalent to a post-graduate course which involves very active study & participation. 

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rewire your trauma

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a holistic method of therapy that transforms how memories are stored, allowing outdated memories to sit in the past and dysfunctional beliefs to be replaced by adaptive ones.


EMDR Therapy is used to resolve traumatic memories, such as those related to sexual, physical, & emotional abuse as well as traumatic events such as car accidents, injuries, illnesses, & exposure to violence. EMDR Therapy also can resolve maladaptive self-referencing beliefs (schemas), grief, phobias, panic, substance abuse, addictive patterns of behavior, EMDR Therapy can also be used to enhance performance in sports, stage work, & work. It is effective for adults and children.


hear from our clients

“I really enjoyed this training. Marcy and Seaghan were wonderful, made the training comprehensive & helped me feel comfortable and confident in the EMDR. Both were approachable throughout which was great. When needing to ask questions and get feedback. This was so great!”

Former Student

“Seaghan is an excellent teacher. Very knowledge-able, humble, and non-judgmental! His knowledge of EMDR and ancillary research & materials/books is quite extensive. EMDR and Seaghan have truly transformed my approach to clinical practice.”

Former Student

“Training was absolutely amazing. Teaching style, materials provided, and support provided throughout training was so helpful and effective! I feel so much more confident as a therapist having gone through this training and having and understanding of an intervention that can help so many people.”

Former Student

“It’s a wonderful experience to be taught by someone who is passionate about what they do- incredibly intelligent. I would recommend anyone to go to any training Seaghan does.”

Former Student

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