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  • Seaghan Coleman

Opening up

Just yesterday, I finished training a bunch of therapists in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). What I love about ACT is that is a refreshing and deep way of looking at how life actually works. It's about noticing the layers of mind that can distort our understanding of who we really and and can limit our ability to do what truly matters to us.

To me, an essential part of training ACT therapists is helping them to know how to be vulnerable and open up, since this is something ACT therapists need to model for their clients. How do I teach them to model vulnerability and openness? By modeling being open and vulnerable. By sharing lots of things I'd just assume continue to keep secret.

I am constantly on my own journey to open up. To be what I really am. I have long noticed how hard it is for me to cry. Very few things have brought tears to me eyes- and something in me is also very good at soaking them back up.

I was deeply grateful to help a number of my students open themselves up during this training. I felt that gratitude very deeply this morning during my meditation.

And tears have come to my eyes already four times this morning. For which I am also grateful.

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